Hello! Welcome to Kari Avalon's art archive, Hortensia Moon.
This is a auxillary art website to Valacielo, my primary website.

Most artwork featured in these galleries were originally posted there. Lately, I found that most were unsuitable for my semiprofessional portfolio, so I relocated them here.The transfer process remains underway, but I look forward to completing this someday.


07/31/16 While I admittedly neglected to update the galleries, today I overhauled all of the website's code, so now it largely relies on w3.css and a couple of js. As a result, the content is much more nearly organized, more tighter code, and more reliably responsive (hopefully). I also updated a couple of gallery section descriptions, but not all have been fairly touched... so be forewarned about leftover unrevised blurbs.

In a while, I may get around to updating the galleries. I also purged the separate gallery pages for chronological and series, because it was more irritating to navigate than I imagined, haha.
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